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Alliance For Community Media comes back to Boston August 18, 19 and 20, 2016 - a Review

Alliance for Community Media 
2016 Annual Conference
by Joe Viglione

        The ACM - Alliance for Community Media, not the Academy for Country Music, landed in Boston mid-August 2016 and we producers have a reason to be thankful.  At least there is SOME kind of meeting place, if not advocacy group, for those of us who enjoy documenting life (or creating fiction) and cablecasting our work for whatever audience cares to see it.

   Held at the glorious Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel - a good choice, actually, as - biggest secret in Boston - there's lots of onstreet parking for $1.25 per hour, along with your other choice - a quick walk from South Station (15-20 minutes) and its public transportation hub, with perfect weather an added plus.     

      The "alliance" (definition: a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations)  is a starting point, the magnet that draws like-minded entities together.   The Public Access ACM deserves credit for even attempting to bring such a disparate group of individuals together under one roof because, and this is the major stumbling block for P/E/G stations in America, and probably around the world, there are varying degrees of knowledge as to what Access TV is around America.

     Attending the meetings:

8/19/16  4:55 pm


     For every Connor Donovan from WACA-TV Ashland who won the Brian Wilson Scholarship this year, a very worthy cause giving "financial support to an individual currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree granting program in media arts, broadcast journalism, community and public service, government administration  public education administration or teaching" there could be someone like my old pal Senator Ed Markey, getting the Dirk Koning/George Stoney Award.

     Senator Markey is no friend to access television, people.  His office is about a mile and a half from my home, and the only thing Markey has done for this access producer over the years is give me his Sunday Globe as he was leaving Dunkin Donuts on Salem St. (the sacred ground where Hanley Sound once serviced the Beatles 1966 tour at Suffolk Downs, Revere.)

     Ed Markey's Telecommunications Act of 1996, signed into law by Bill Clinton, two men that I voted for, was a shadow of its former self, hijacked by Republicans who wanted to take over the airwaves (and did!)*  

    But Markey's biggest attack on access television was his allegiance to former Mayor Michael J. McGlynn who helped destroy access television and, indeed, used his cozy relationship with Comcast to televise himself and deny Medford residents the access television that they pay for. It's an ugly story which is documented in probably over thirty thousand pages which this writer has put together since 2002, fourteen years ago.  

    Markey's big chance to save access TV in Medford fell flat, something easily doable, with his surrogates coming up with excuse after excuse.   So his Telecommunications Act of 1996 fell flat, it wasn't his original proposals, and when he - Markey - actually had the opportunity to help citizens in the city where one of his offices was smack dab in the middle of the square, Markey ran like a scared rabbit.

    Access TV in Medford was shaped for the future only by the efforts of this writer and some members of the Medford City Council, who have no actual jurisdiction over it.  It's a mess, and Markey, as well as the ACM - Alliance for Community Media, were both nowhere to be found when I led the fight to free up access TV in Medford.   It's a well-known story in these parts. And one that should be studied nationally. So in giving Markey an award, it's demerit, not a credit, for the ACM.

*Markey’s Top Legislative Accomplishment, Largely Unexamined In Senate Race, Yields Mixed Results

The Republican Party, in the wilderness for 40 years, had taken control of the House of Representatives in November 1994.

And while Markey’s push to bring competition to the cable television and telephone industries remained intact in the 1996 bill, lawmakers added major new elements to the legislation.
Congress repealed the cable television rate regulation Markey helped impose in 1992. And it initiated a major shakeup of the American mediascape – eliminating the cap on how many radio stations a single company could own and allowing for greater consolidation in the television industry, too.
Markey was leery of the new efforts. And in one instance, he served as a brake on GOP bill writers.

        Public Access Television is in need of an organization to bring together the "rag tag fleet" of community television stations that together more resemble the original TV show Battlestar Galactica's haphazard flotilla than anything that will give NBC, ABC or CBS reason to pause. 

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Bruce Kulick of KISS / GRAND FUNK on MNN TV New York 11:30 PM 3-22-13

Bruce Kulick of KISS / Grand Funk on MNN TV in Ny right now on Visual Radio

Tom Cooper on Visual Radio in Manhattan
March 22, 2013

Bruce Kulick and Media Fast author Tom Cooper on Visual Radio Live!

March 2013 Schedule -


March 28, 2013 
Author Gerald T. Shea "SONG WITHOUT WORDS" (Perseus)

Dear guests:

Visual Radio Live 
will be taped at an earlier time on April 4, May 2, May 9 and possibly May 16.  These shows will be "live on tape", studio tapings re-broadcast on the Thursday night time slot.

March 28   Author Gerald T. Shea "SONG WITHOUT WORDS" (Perseus)
April   4      (Winchester Talent Show, so we're not taping live April 4)
April 11      Hypnotist Paul Gustafson,
April 18
April 25     Author Steven Wade
May 2       Winchester Town Hall
May 9       Winchester Sports Hall of Fame
May 16
     Possible Town Hall
May 23     Visual Radio Live schedule should resume

Town Meeting starts April 29th
The WinCAM studio will be unavailable on Thursday, May 2nd 
possibly unavailable May 16th

Winchester Sports Hall of Fame shoot takes place Thurs  May 9th so there may or may not be availability that night either.  

Our regular schedule could resume on May 23.

May 30
June 6
June 13

New Shows with Manil Suri, New England Film Studio, Robert Zemeckis  (Director Back To The Future, Flight, Contact with Jodie Foster etc.) and more in the edit suite!

UPCOMING GUESTS (subject to change)

Film Director Henry-Alex Rubin 
(DISCONNECT starring Jason Bateman)
Denny Jiosa jazz artist
Kate Genovese author
Filmmaker Robert Newton
Steve Hunter of Lou Reed/Alice Cooper
Musician Seitu
Musician Johnny A

Author Ann Taylor - The River Within
TV Hostess Smoki Bacon with Richard Concannon
Cha Chi from 98.5 The Sports Hub
Paul Manganaro Returns!

March 21, 2013   Todd Civin

March 14   Producer John Goldsmith

John from Golde Films talks on Visual Radio with Joe Viglione March 14, 2013
March 17, 2013
Producer John Golde is just completing his documentary on World Hypnosis Day, a fun event that was taped in Woburn, Massachusetts.   John will return to Visual Radio when Hypnotist Paul Gustafson is the guest in April.  It's a fun 55 minutes of conversation with Frank Dello Stritto on the phone discussing Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps. Visual Radio is one of the most prolific Access TV shows in the country.  The award-winning program is hosted by author/filmmaker Joe Viglione who started on Access TV in 1979.

Produced and taped at WinCAM, Winchester Community Access and Media - where more Medford residents are joining, producing programming and participating in public access television.

March 7     

The return of Matt Gallagher along with writer Roy Scranton (Perseus Books)


February 28, 2013

Visual Radio talks Local Access with Johnny Byers; and Hitchcock with Frank Dello Stritto!




Feb 14 

Atty Shannon Liss-Riordan - Lichten  Liss-Riordan, PC

On February 14, 2013 attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan of Lichten & Liss-Riordan, PC appeared on Visual Radio with host Joe Viglione. 


Visual Radio Live February 7, 2013



Visual Radio Live  January 31, 2013

Meet Local Residents - Nicholas Tomaszczuk Jr on Visual Radio Live 1-31-13
February 1, 2013

Nicholas Tomaszczuk Jr. is a dad and a grandfather in Medford.   This is part of our exclusive series talking to residents of our city.  Nicholas talks about his time fighting in Viet Nam, his move to the U.S.A. from Brazil and his thoughts on life today in Medford.  We will have more community profiles in the months to come. 


Steven Lee Beeber on Visual Radio Live January 24, 2013 with host Joe Viglione

 Free Speech discussed with adjunct professor Steven Lee Beeber who returns to Visual Radio after a six and a half year hiatus to talk about the German release of his book The Heebie Jeebies at CBGBs 

Jeanne Martin on Visual Radio

Jeanne Martin on Visual Radio Live Thurs Jan. 17, 2013 with Joe Viglione, WinCAM Pt. 1


Visual Radio Live  January 10, 2013


Visual Radio Live January 3, 2013


Visual Radio Live Dec 27, 2012- Joe Viglione interviews Nelson Slater, Frank Dello Stritto

Nelson Slater on "The Demo That Got The Deal" for his Wild Angel album on RCA

Visual Radio presents Air Traffic Controller's Dave Munro, Thursday December 20, 2012 at WinCAM Winchester Community Access and Media.
Visual Radio Sophie DeBattista  Dec 5, 2012
Frank Dello Stritto discuses Laurel & Hardy in Flying Deuces with VR host Joe Viglione. Sophie DeBattista phones in from London to talk about her career.

It's Visual Radio, called the best show on public access in the country. And for good reason! We tape every week and we have hundreds and hundreds of classic videos in the vault.

Produced at WinCAM, Winchester Community Access & Media. Copyright 2012 Joe Viglione all rights reserved
N.E. Studios' Chris Byers on Visual Radio October 25, 2012

Share link:

New England Studios

Published on Oct 26, 2012
New England Studios Show with Executive Chris Byers - Fort Devens Movie Studio coming to Massachusetts (Hollywood East), Host: Joe Viglione, Taped @ Wincam Studios WInchester, MA (c) 2012 for more information on the project

Chris worked as technician on Aerosmith's "ANGEL" video as well as work with Ringo Starr
 Station Fire attorney John Barylick

Taped at Winchester Public Library

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visual Radio host wins Film Competition

ON VISUAL RADIO  12/13/12 
Watch the award-winning movie from film director Joe Vig on


Joe Viglione's 1 minute film, THE BIRDS RETURN (Music by Buzzy Linhart), won the regional (Medford) film award from JustaMinute Film Festival
The Just A Minute Festival is a production of The Media Tribe, Inc. This program is supported in part by grants from the Winchester Cultural Council, the Medford Arts Council, the Arlington Cultural Council, the Beverly Cultural Council and the Billerica Arts Council, all local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Look at what the critics are saying: the soundman for Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, The Byrds etc. (who shall go nameless) said:

"By Eck!! Joe's been at seaside washing oil off seagulls again. And you don't get high, Wow!!"

You don't have to get high to enjoy The Birds Return

Music by Buzzy Linhart (who performed with Jimi Hendrix, Bill Cosby, Carly Simon and wrote Bette Midler's signature tune "Friends").  "The Birds" soundtrack was engineered and co-produced by Eddie Kramer who engineered Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones' "Beggars Banquet."   "The Birds" was one of the first songs taped at Jimi Hendrix's new studio back in 1970 or so.  The unreleased track just surfaced when Mr. Kramer got the tapes to Mr. Linhart and Mr. Linhart's company licensed the song to me for this film.

Also, note my "Alfred Hitchcock" moment as I put my shadow in the movie  (as the Hitchcock sort-of walk-on); the title itself is a nod to Hitch - "The Birds Return" 

Mr. Hitchcock was never on Visual Radio, but I did photograph him and meet him in the early 1970s for a story in my magazine, Varulven when he was in Boston promoting his film FRENZY
Local Winners (click to view)

Just A Minute!

The Birds Return
Permanent link The Birds Return, a sixty second vignette from The Salt Water Summers film directed by Joe Viglione

The Salt Water Summers is a long-term film project with agreements in place from some of your favorite 1960s recording artists to appear acting and performing in the feature-length motion picture

Category: Adult,Music
Joe Viglione, Medford, MA
Producer Of The Year, 2010/Winchester, MA   


DECEMBER 6, 2012

Stations that have the SOPHIE interview show


Entire RCN Network

Visual Radio Lowell Community Television  


Arlington    9,554
Billerica   11,960
Boston     164,186
Braintree    6,041
Brookline   15,943
Burlington   4,782
Cambridge   31,827
Hamilton  subscribers   1,789
Lexington    Subscribers 4,767
Lowell TV  Subscribers _    Population 107,584 
Malden      16,444
Medford     17,624
Monson       2,590
Norfolk      2,576
Palmer       4,538
Salem       14,349
Somerville  16,390
Wenham       1,003
Winthrop     5,726
Joe Viglione

NOVEMBER 30, 2012 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Director Robert Zemeckis discusses his 2012 film FLIGHT on Visual Radio

Robert Zemeckis on Visual Radio

Film director Robert Zemeckis spoke with critic Joe Viglione on Thursday October 11.


Watch for information on that chat soon!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ian Hunter, Eric Lllljequest on Visual Radio

Exclusive Ian Hunter interview September 20

 additional story:

8 PM Thursday night, Eastern time

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Visual Radio shows

Dropped off to MALDEN

For those of you who live in 
Malden, Massachusetts

Visual Radio on Thursdays, 3 PM
Channel 22  Verizon
Channel   3  Comcast

The Verizon Channel reaches into Medford and other communities.

Picked up the Stephen Davis disc from Malden, dropped off Ron Cox and Councilor Bob Penta.

Watch for the interview with Ron Cox and the interview with Bob Penta in the coming weeks.

Don't know which episode airs on 8/16/12.

Heading up to Stoneham now to drop off the DVD.

Watch AWAIT RESCUE on my Project Open Voice / Comcast channel

Monday, August 13, 2012

R.I.P. Johnny Pesky, Visual Radio guest

Johnny Pesky, beloved by Red Sox fans, dies at 92

BOSTON (AP) -- Johnny Pesky, who spent most of his 60-plus years in pro baseball with the Boston Red Sox and was beloved by the team's fans, has died. He was 92.