Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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Things have been very busy at Visual Radio with lots and lots of new programs!
HOWEVER - in honor of the new release by THE NEW CARS and the upcoming tour, we've re-released GREG HAWKES interview with Joe Viglione from May of 1995 11 years later!
It is now airing in:

We'll update the schedule and make the navigation more fun soon!

Arlington Monday nights
Boston 2 AM Saturday Morning/Friday Night
Brookline Midnight on Thursdays
Burlington BCAT
Cambridge 8 PM on Saturdays
Malden 10 PM on Tuesdays
RCN Network 7 PM on Saturdays and Sundays
Somerville 11 PM on Friday Nights
South Hamilton

Lots of new stations are coming onboard. Our intern Chrissy is busy editing the Ted Drozdowski show as well as a new "Best Of Visual Radio". Congrats to Frank McKinney for his appearance with ABC's 20/20 with "Nightline" anchor and award-winning journalist Martin Bashir (best known for making landmark documentaries including "Living with Michael Jackson," and for his exclusive interview with the late Princess Diana). We interviewed Frank first!

Also thanks to Godfather actor Gianni Russo for his appearance on our progam.

Our "Best Of Visual Radio Vol. #6" will feature Margaret Cho, Tommy Lee of Motely Crue,
Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, Dennis Lehane, Professor Stephen Hawking, Richard Branson and much more!



#355 with Richard Pomerance taped Monday May 1, 2006

#354 Taped on Monday, April 24, 2006 at Winthrop Cable TV - an interview with
Author Bob Kelleher

#353 Frank McKinney - Real Estate Rock Czar
Mr. McKinney was on 20/20 May 5, 2006! We scooped 20/20 and Martin

#352 Chris Prentiss of

#351 Archer Mayor Mystery Author

#350 Peter Calo - guitarist with Broadway Show "Hairspray", Carly Simon

#349 Writer / Musician Ted Drozdowski

#342 Gianni Russo (from THE GODFATHER and SEA BISQUIT)

Visual Radio is one of the best known Cable Shows of the past ten years! We are currently working on a 5th volume of "The Best Of Visual Radio" and have lots of other programming being edited and ready to air - Willie "Loco" Alexander and
Simon Ritt's The Darlings live at The Lizard Lounge from December, 2005.

The band FOX PASS is scheduled to tape a new show, and Carl Palmer from
Emerson Lake & Palmer on May 31.
Visual Radio
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Saturday, January 14, 2006