Friday, December 31, 2004

R.I.P. Johnny Carson - 1/23/09

What can be said about numero uno that others won't say better? I'll let Sid Smith of the Chicago Tribune, their arts critic, do the honors:

Published January 23, 2005, 2:32 PM CST,1,5351010.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

Some may be able to top Johnny's achievements, but it is impossible to top Johnny himself as he is the archetype, the original. Sure, Steve Allen launched as host of the show in the birthyear of Visual Radio's host - 1954 - and Jack Paar got 5 years in from 1957-1962

but Mr. Carson's 20 year run established the format of entertainer and his hour of guests, monologues, and mayhem (planned or by divine intervention) that developed on your tv screen.
In the film version of Bill Carter's "The Late Shift" Kathy Bates talks about Leno "eating the steak but not wanting to know how the cows are slaughtered" (paraphrased). In her Helen Kushnick persona she declares that she pushed Johnny Carson out.

A user of the movie board
says "I tell you what, after watching this movie, then watching either the Letterman or Leno show, all I want to do is crack open my Johnny Carson DVDs and see the real thing" and that
unsolicited comment just about says it all.

Here's an interesting interview with Betty Thomas on "The Late Shift"

My best friend growing up was addicted to Johnny Carson. Of course, we being eleven or twelve years old, there was a certain cache to being able to stay up that late at night. Johnny was the reason, or excuse.

R.I.P. - may your work inspire us to find better ways to entertain in the new Millennium, Johnny.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Story of Visual Radio!

Joe Viglione's original presentation of "radio for your tv".

Visual Radio began when Joe Viglione was Director of Research for North America Media Corporation, a production company which developed content for PBS. The idea began in 1992 when Joe became a member of Woburn Cable TV but didn't launch until early 1995 when Marty Balin & The Jefferson Starship allowed a concert and interview to air. Jo Jo Gun at WGIR in Manchester, New Hampshire was the next guest, followed by Bobby Hebb, composer of "Sunny" and the Grammy Award winning "A Natural Man".

Ten years later over 325 hours of programming has been generated featuring guests such as Richard Branson, Linda Ronstadt, Lou Reed, Vincent Bugliosi, Professor Stephen Hawking, Curt Schilling of The Boston Red Sox, Bill Press, author Dennis Lehane, Suzanne Vega, author Edward Hallowell, Laura Numeroff, Spiderman/Jurassic Park scriptwriter David Koepp, and hundreds of other wonderful guests.

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other updates:
Jeff Shapiro airing on Visual Radio #321 taped 1/18/05

Edward Hallowell aired during the Christmas 2005 season, taped 12/08/04

Sunday, April 18, 2004


Bill Press on Visual Radio-Television

"...Joe Viglione, the King of Mass. cable - tv!"

Bill Press, MSNBC commentator author of Dutton Press book
BUSH MUST GO 7/26/04 Cambridge, Mass.

Boston Globe Feb. 2004

Article on Joe Viglione:

Landing big names
By Diana Brown, 2/1/2004

Cable television host Joseph Viglione launched his Visual Radio Television show nine years ago in Woburn. He has lined up some pretty impressive interviews along the way, which number 300 now and have aired in many local towns. Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson, singers Judy Collins and Suzanne Vega, performance artist Laurie Anderson, ''Mystic River" author Dennis Lehane, professor Stephen Hawking, and band members from The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad, The Rolling Stones, The Cars, and The Jefferson Starship, are just a sample of the notables Viglione has had on his show. Viglione writes for All Media Guide and is working on a book about Lou Reed's 1973 Rock 'n' Roll Animal Tour

Subject VH-1Date Mon, August 2, 2004 3:19 am
Hey Joe! Congrats on your success with VH-1.
All the best
Trudi and Ian Hunter
(Though Joe Viglione was taped for VH-1's "Story Behind The Songs" Autumn, 2003, Trudi and Ian are talking about VH-1s publishing of Joe's biographies on their webpage!)
Ian Hunter's Rant

Visual Radio New Edits May 11, 2003

Joe Viglione edited at
Wakefield on Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ray Manzarek's lecture at Booksmith in Brookline taped on January 25, 2002
(a few hours after Ray appeared on Visual Radio #220) was edited.

It is Visual Radio #304.
66 Minutes of Ray talking about The Doors, his book "The Poet In Exile".

Fun Stuff.

Also edited, April 7, 2001, Bobby Hebb's performance in Boston with The Michael Shea trio.

Barry Marshall and Jon Macey guests

Taped at

Wednesday May 5, 2004

Directed by Joan Rolfe

Airing in: Burlington

Woburn Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Malden Tuesday 10 PM May 11, 2004

Wakefield Sunday May 16, 2004 7 PM

Brookline Thursday May 13, 2004 Midnight

Somerville Friday May 14, 2004 10 PM

Cambridge Saturday May 15, 22 2004 8 PM

Winthrop Monday May 17, 2004

Cape Cod 114,000 homes on Adelphia, check listing for times

RCN Network Saturday 7 PM, Sunday 7 PM

Boston BNN TV Sunday Midnight May 16,2004 (Monday morning)
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