Sunday, November 09, 2008

Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Biographer PETER AMES CARLIN on Visual Radio #373

With Brian Wilson coming to the Orpheum on
November 19, 2008, Visual Radio has an exclusive interview with Wilson biographer,
Peter Ames Carlin!

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November 9, 2008

Globe Northwest

You can go home again
By Cindy Cantrell

Joe Viglione of Medford was just 15 years old in 1969 when he produced his first issue of Varulven, a fan magazine featuring interviews and film and music reviews. A collector of 8mm science fiction and fantasy films, Viglione was also an aspiring filmmaker and musician whose original songs first aired on WBCN-FM when he was 17.

While his magazine is no longer in production, Viglione has since founded a record label by the same name, worked as a radio station programming director, and continued writing about films and the Boston music scene. Locally, however, Viglione may be best known for his public access television show, "Visual Radio," which is broadcast in 18 towns including Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, Medford, and Stoneham. A weekly segment airs in Manhattan.

Since launching "Visual Radio" in 1995, Viglione has produced more than 400 shows featuring interviews, concerts, and lectures by local authors, politicians, and community activists.

"Why do I keep doing this? It's in my blood and interviews keep coming my way," Viglione said.

To learn more about Visual Radio, visit

Some notes:
Joe Viglione was program director of WNSH-AM 1570 in 1992 and ABFR AM 1670 in 2000

WBCN used to air local music from 11 AM - 11:15 AM every weekday in the early 1970s
In 1983 Joe Viglione had more local songs played in one year than any other artist on WBCN

Joe's show, Visual Radio, has run on Medford Community Cablevision; it is on hiatus for about a month in Medford as the station is under a Performance Evaluation which is reported on in the same issue of the Globe North West:

Joe began hosting TV Eye in 1979 - next year will be his 30th year on Cable Television!

"Joe Vig - The King Of Access TV in Boston" quote from Bill Press from Sirius XM Radio

In the "Community Briefing" section of the Boston Globe Northwest
Brad Kane writes:


Medford Community Cablevision was criticized for lack of financial accountability and no longer being a representative of the community as a whole at a recent performance evaluation hearing before retired Woburn District Court judge Marie O. Jackson-Thompson. The resignation of Medford TV3 general manager Dawn Natalia was announced by the station's attorney, David Skerry, who was later removed from the hearing by police for interrupting testimony of others.

See Skerry's removal here: closing in on 400 views

(tons of people on MySpace have been slipping over to view the You Tube of Mr. Skerry.
We have thousands of MySpace "friends" (sort of like subscribers) and some are already gleeful at the removal of Skerry)

Back to the Globe story:
The hearing came out of the report on public access television in Medford by City Solictor Mark Rumley, who recommended the hearing and an audit of the station's financial records. The station has received $818,000.00 from Medford cable ratepayers over the past three years. With the hearing complete, Jackson-Thompson can either call another hearing or make recommendations to Mayor Michael McGlynn

In an e mail to some of the Medford City Council I have requested that there be a focus on:

1)Violations of the station's own policies and procedures which may have been committed by board members and ex-board members and enforcing those policies (which would result in board members being suspended or terminated for violating policies they instituted and expect the ratepayers to obey)

2)The legality of each and every board meeting after Solicitor Rumley's report noted an erroneous or inconsistent list of named board membersThese are two key points.
If the board of TV 3 is found to have violated their own policies and procedures an oversight committee should suspend them and replace them.

“I’m here to make sure that this TV station is the best it can be for ourselves and for our children,” said the Honorable Judge